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About Us

Once upon a time, a master carpenter named Andy Toohey wanted a drift boat that would be lighter, quieter, more durable and last forever. He was audacious enough to defy convention and go where others couldn’t even dream of going. After crafting multiple prototypes, he created a company to bring his vision to anglers everywhere and Boulder Boat Works was born.

Today, Boulder Boat Works is still the first, and only company, to create a drift boat that delivers on the dream of a drifter that is better in every way. In addition to being light and nimble, our industry-first polyethylene hulls are more durable than any fiberglass boat, and virtually maintenance free.

We believe in innovation and that’s what gives us purpose. Blending time-honored woodworking techniques with modern mechanics and advanced plastics that yield a drift boat that is nearly indestructible, yet also worthy of your wife’s name because of her beauty.