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About Us

Residential + Commercial Technology Consultants //// Designing technology in sync with life

We’re a small company of technology experts with a passion for great design.

At our core, we believe technology is one of the most impactful elements of the modern home or building. Done right, it will disappear into your built environment with effortless comfort, convenience, and security while providing unrivaled entertainment experiences for you to enjoy with family and friends.

With Stratus on your side, focusing on a great technology design throughout the architectural process, your project will boast top-notch, highly-reliable solutions, that are intuitive to use while “fitting" the building’s design, and your lifestyle.

We deliver this by asking the right questions and listening to you, so we can suggest exactly the right approach, without any sales motivation. Next, we coordinate every detail with the architect and interior designer, yielding the optimal design to be implemented by the most qualified contractors.

Stratus Group’s holistic design simplifies the whole process, so you get comprehensive plans and specifications for all your technology systems, with fewer meetings and better coordination. Add to that our expert project supervision to see the design through to completion.

Your building’s technology will work together - seamlessly, beautifully, intuitively, and reliably - so you can connect with what’s really important.