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580 Main St #110
Carbondale, CO 81623
(970) 773-3317
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    Ripple Effect is an Athletic Training Center. We provide specialized one on one and small group training to meet the needs of every athlete, beginner, recreational or elite.
    This is a private facility, it is not open to general public use. All work is done with a Ripple Effect Instructor. This unique environment allows for specialized focused work to be done at all times, which creates the most beneficial outcome for each individual.
    One on One
    Work/Train privately with a Ripple Effect Instructor. Private instruction and training can be very beneficial for many people. Highly specialized training needs of the athlete as far performance, the need for specific and detailed work on form or a general education about the tools we utilize, rehabilitation from injury, and personal preference are all reasons for this type of instruction. All training at RE is highly individualized however this is the most personalized form.
    Call or Email Carolyn to set up appointment for private instruction/training.
    Small Group
    Highly specialized training in a small group format, usually 2 ? 4 athletes. Community and camaraderie are powerful motivators. Training with others in a supportive like minded group can push and encourage an athlete to achieve far greater output. Not only in any given workout but also ultimately within the sport, event, or goal they are working toward.
    Classes are limited to 4 participants and require pre-registration, please call or email Carolyn at 970-773-3317