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    Spellbinders knows great things happen when elders remain vital parts of the community. Spellbinders trains seniors in the art of oral storytelling & places them as volunteer storytellers in local schools. Storytellers return to the same classrooms each month, forming mentoring relationships with children that last throughout the year. Storytelling brings literacy, art, multi-cultural ideas & inspiration to tellers and listeners. The eye contact and gestures of oral storytelling increase listening comprehension, vocabulary and sense of story structure. Storytelling stimulates children’s imagination and visualization. All of these skills are critical to reading comprehension, creative writing and higher cognitive thinking. While elders have the satisfaction of being vital components of the community, building literacy and passing on beloved stories to the next generation, youngsters are exposed to people and stories that expand their knowledge and outlook on life. While Spellbinders target populations are both the elder storytellers and the young listeners, ultimately the whole community benefits when children have strong mentoring relationships with positive, adult role models. During the 2015-2016 school year, Spellbinders mobilized 386 volunteers to reach 69,242 in 348 schools.