The Magic Of Somatic Money

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    “Somatic” means body and “somatic money” means money relationship practiced through the body. When you become grounded through your body with your money relationship, a certain kind of magic happens . . .

    Most of our culture practices a brain-based money relationship. Even though this is culturally accepted, it’s actually the least supportive way to create money relationship. Through thousands of session hours with clients, money medium, Dana Stovern, is finding that successful money relationship happens through the body with these four elements . . .
    • The Masculine
    • The Feminine
    • Value
    • Power

    This soft-sided approach to “money-as-experience” holds phenomenal information and solutions to our healthy and successful money lives, both consciously and sub-consciously, through full-body space.

    About Dana -
    Dana Stovern, money medium, works with intuitive-oriented business owners to solve money issues from the inside out. She is an emerging voice in the conscious money field. She delivers inspired Money Magic messages, encouraging her audiences and clients to explore authentic money relationships with unique money tools for deeper personal value and power. Stovern’s spiritually conscious money focus arrived in 2011 after a near-death experience and the tragic loss of her son during pregnancy. Her unraveled life triggered a “spiritual financial intervention” delivering insights, experiences and tools she now provides for audiences and clients.